High School runner gives up the race

A teen cross-country runner in Indiana is showing sportsmanship is more important than winning.Axel Aleman, a high school senior, was running a 5K race with only a half-mile to go when he watched as a runner ahead of him got injured.Levi LaGrangesays he rolled his ankle and something popped, so he started limping.

Axel saw his opponent was in pain, ran up and offered him a hand, literally, putting his hand on Levi’s back and helping him push forward to finish the race. Levi told him to go ahead, but Axel stayed with him, even though they were strangers. Other runners zoomed past them, but Axel told Levi he wouldn’t leave him and he didn’t. He even let Levi cross the finish line first!

“It just seemed like the right thing to do,” Axel says. “That mattered more than the race.”

Source:Indy Star

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