GOOD NEWS: MA Veterinarian Takes Mobile Clinic On The Road

  • A Massachusetts-based veterinarian is taking her mobile clinic on the road to serve more customers.
  • Dr. Kara Ryczek’smobile vet practice,Dr. Paws Calls, gives people the convenience of not having to leave home to have their dogs and cats cared for.
  • She can do everything from annual physical exams to vaccinations right on-site.
The Full Story:

These days, we’re all sticking a little closer to home and now a Massachusetts-based veterinarian is making that easier for pet owners. Dr. Kara Ryczek started her mobile vet practice, Dr. Paws Calls, back in March and now people are more eager than ever for the convenience of having their dogs and cats cared for from the comfort of their homes.

With Dr. Paws Calls, Dr. Ryczek can do everything from annual physical exams to vaccinations and blood work right from her mobile clinic. She recently became licensed to practice in Connecticut and customers there are welcoming her on-site services.

“Just talking to friends, clients, neighbors, you realize people — pandemic or no pandemic — really appreciate someone coming to their house and taking care of their pets there in their own environment,” Dr. Ryczek explains.


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