GOOD NEWS: College Student Wins $100K After Dream Of Buying Lottery Ticket

  • A college student in North Carolina dreamed she bought a scratch-off lottery ticket, so she woke up and followed her dream.
  • Kaila Moore had never bought a lottery ticket before and she hit it big with her first one.
  • Beginner’s luck won her $100-thousand on the $20 ticket.

Kaila Moore of Durham told lottery officials that she had a dream she bought a scratch-off ticket, so when she woke up, that’s exactly what she did. It was the first lottery ticket she’d bought in her life and she chose well.

Moore paid $20 for the scratcher and when she started scratching, she found she’d won. And not just some small prize. This East Carolina University student hit the $100-thousand jackpot! But this young woman isn’t splurging on anything to celebrate her win.

Her goal is to go to medical school and she plans to use some of her winnings to cover those costs. “Medical school is not cheap,” Moore says. “I’m going to invest some of it in a mutual fund and the rest I’m just going to save.”

Source:Inside Edition

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