GOOD NEWS: Motorcycle Group Grants Veteran’s Dying Wish

  • An Oregon Army vet with stage four bladder cancer just got her dying wish, thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders.
  • Janice Page has always wanted to ride with them after they escorted her son’s body to his funeral and they just gave her a motorcycle of her own.
  • Now she wants to ride with them to pay forward that experience to other families.

Ever since, she’s wanted to become a rider herself. Now she’s been diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer and the group is making her dying wish come true by giving her a motorcycle of her own.

Page, a U.S. Army veteran, has a prognosis of up to nine months and she wants to use the time she has left to ride her new 2013 Suzuki Boulevard with the Patriot Guard Riders. “The experience of the Patriot Guard honoring my family was so amazing,” Page says. “I just want to pay that forward to other families.”

The riders went above and beyond to help get a decent motorcycle for Page. With help from the Albany American Legion Post 10, they raised more than $10-thousand for the bike, then decked it out with a trike kit to make the riding experience easier on Page. Being able to ride was at the top of her bucket list and she says getting to actually do it is “just crazy awesome.”

Source:Albany Democrat-Herald

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