GOOD NEWS: Human Chain Scales Building To Save Toddler From Balcony

  • People in Thailand came together to help save a little girl who was trapped on a balcony 40-feet up.
  • Sumrit Changcharoen was passing by the building in Bangkok when he saw the toddler in danger and he and other people nearby formed a human chain to reach her.
  • Together they scaled the building and got the tot down safely.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and that was the case in Thailand recently, when a toddler was spotted trapped on a balcony 40-feet up. She was seen tip-toeing on a high ledge of a building in Bangkok and that’s when neighbors and passersby teamed up to save her.

Sumrit Changcharoen says he was riding home when he saw people at the building panicking, so he stopped to see what was going on. He called a friend to help and together, the crowd formed a human chain and they were able to scale the building and reach the toddler. Their effort took over an hour, but they got her down safely.

“We still don’t know how the little girl climbed onto the balcony,” Sumrit explains. “We’re all just relieved that we could save her from hurting herself.”

Source:Little Things

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