GOOD NEWS: Nurse Helps Dying Dad See Son Play Football For Last Time

  • A Kentucky father who was diagnosed with cancer and only given a few weeks to live has gotten his final wish, thanks to a determined hospice nurse.
  • Scott Sullivan wanted to see his son, Cade, play in his first high school football game of the season.
  • His nurse, Jerree Humphrey, arranged for a private plane to get him to the game safely.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, all one Kentucky father wanted to do was to get to see his son play high school football for the last time. Scott Sullivan was only given weeks to live when doctors diagnosed him with the rare cancer, leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, which affects the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. And thanks to his determined hospice nurse, Jerree Humphrey, he got his bucket list wish to see his son Cade’s first high football game of the season.

The nurse advised Sullivan against driving to see his son play since he would be in the car for seven or eight hours and Humphrey said that wasn’t in his best interest, given his health condition. But she reached out to a local airport and within days, she had arranged for a dentist to fly Scott to the game on his personal plane. The proud papa was able to sit away from fans to watch Cade play and after the game, he shared an emotional moment with his son.

When the teen saw his father, he ran over and hugged him as tightly as he could. Sullivan says they created a memory that his son will always remember in that magical moment. “Words could not be put into sentences or phrases to describe how I felt at that time,” he explains. “I was just so happy to see my son.”


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