GOOD NEWS: Rare Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully

  • A set of conjoined twin girls who were born connected from their chests to bellies have now been separated and are doing well.
  • Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin beat the odds to survive and 14-months later, they underwent an 11-hour surgery to separate them.
  • They may need more operations as they grow, but doctors are optimistic they’ll be just like other kids.

A set of conjoined twins have become the first to be successfully separated in Michigan. Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin were born connected from their chests to their bellies with their arms wrapped around each other. They’ve beaten the odds - as many as 60% of conjoined twins don’t survive delivery and even fewer live long enough to come home from the hospital - and 14-months after they were born, they endured an 11-hour operation to separate them.

Sarabeth and Amelia were born on June 11th, 2019 weighing a healthy nine pounds, four and a half ounces together. They were born prematurely and had some health issues, so they stayed in the hospital for 85 days. As their family and doctors started discussing separating them, the pandemic hit and things were called off temporarily. Then on August 5th, two teams of doctors - one for each twin - performed the surgery to separate them and everything went well.

Now the girls are “doing great,” according to their mom, Allison and while they may have to have more surgeries as they grow, doctors are optimistic they’ll grow up to be just like other kids. “Their outlook is really quite good, especially with their parents,” explains pediatric surgeon George Mychaliska. “Not only because of their commitment, love and support, but because they're just very innovative and optimistic people. I think that really made a big difference."

Source:Detroit Free Press

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