Puppy rescued!

A group of mountain bikers riding the Sinkhole Trail at Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina were able to save a trapped dog they found stuck down in a sinkhole. The bikers saw the pooch trapped 30-feet down and called for help, then led rescuers over a mile to him.

The rescuers then repelled into the sinkhole and had to get creative with a salty snack to get the dog to work with them. They used beef jerky to entice him into the harness, which was used to raise him up safely. Rescuers say the animal wasn’t injured, but he was starving and dehydrated after being stuck down there for several days.

He was taken to Burke County Animal Services for an exam and given a nickname: “Sinker.” Officials say he doesn’t have a microchip and if his owners aren’t found, he may be put up for adoption.

Source:USA Today

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