Dad rides Tiny Pink Bike for charity

A dad in the U.K. just finished a bicycle ride to raise money for several charities and he cycled the entire 200-mile trip on a tiny pink bike.Wesley Hamnetthad planned to make a much longer ride, from Russia to his home in Manchester, and even bought plane tickets to go, but travel restrictions forced him to change his plans.

So instead of the 1,250-miles he was going to bike, he decided to ride from Glasgow, Scotland back to Manchester. But this father of two wanted to challenge himself a little, so he decided to ride on his eight-year-old daughter’s bicycle. Hamnett admits he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it, especially since he had to stop to change the bike’s tires eight times. But he kept pedalling and after six days, he made it home.

“I feel so overwhelmed, but it’s been a real blessing,” he says.


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