One eyed cat adopted

After the cat they’ve had for 20 years died in May,Larry Scottand his wife recently decided to adopt another one. The couple from Marion, Ohio, found the perfect match in a one-eyed kitten at the shelter because Larry also only has one eye.

He lost his eye in a car accident back in 2015 and while they weren’t looking for a cat with the same condition, they knew he was the one for them when they saw him. This kitten lost his eye because he arrived at the shelter with an infection in his eye and it had to be surgically removed.

The three-month-old cat is living his best life and Larry says, “He doesn’t know he only has one eye.” Now the couple is just trying to agree on a name. She wants to call him Mr. Love, but Larry’s not interested. His suggestion? Killer, “because he plays with every toy like he wants to kill it.”


And TULSA SPCA needs you right now. They are FULL of kitties that would be PUUUUURRRfect for you:)

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