5 Siblings adopted together!

An Ohio man who was fostering a group of kids is now a father of five.Robert Carterstarted by fostering three brothers,Robert Jr,GiovanniandKiontaein December 2019 and then he found out the boys had two sisters in the foster care system. The girls,MarionnaandMakayla,had been separated from their brothers for six months, but luckily for them, that didn’t last much longer.

Carter grew up in foster care himself and didn’t see his youngest brother from the time he was two until he was 16, so he knew the pain of being apart. He would arrange visits with all five siblings and they were always emotional. “All the kids were crying,” he explains. “They didn’t want to leave each other, and at that moment, I knew, ok, I have to adopt all five.”

The dad worked hard to get a bigger house and just made things official by adopting them all in Cincinnati. “I’m just happy that I’m their dad for the rest of their life,” Carter says.

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Source:Fox 19

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