Lola finds a FurEver home

A stray dog in Arizona has finally found a family after spending 400 days in the shelter.Lolathe pit bull had been in a shelter in Wickenburg since she was a year old and had six puppies. They were all adopted right away, but Lola was constantly overlooked by potential adopters.

Staff at the small-town shelter loved her and couldn’t understand why the belly-rub-loving pup couldn’t find a forever home, but they didn’t give up on her. They contacted the Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix to get Lola into their “Project Reachout” program, which takes in pets who need extra help. It’s usually for sick, injured or abused animals, but they felt Lola would benefit from being in a bigger town where more people could meet her and fall in love with her.

Their plan worked so well, it only took one day for Lola to find her people after the change of venue. The Perry family met and loved her and after spending more than half her life in a shelter, Lola has been adopted and is home for good.


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