Professor is making Thanksgiving Dinner

Some teachers will do practically anything for their students, likeLiz Pearce.She’s a communications professor at the University of Iowa and she’s looking out for the students who may not be going home for the holidays because of the pandemic. So she’s offering to make sure they’re well fed this Thanksgiving.

This kind hearted college professor knows some of her students wouldn’t be able to travel and she didn’t want anyone to be celebrating the holiday alone or to miss out on a home-cooked meal, so she’s offering to share hers. Pearce told her students she’d be happy to bring a portion to them at home and drop it off outside since everyone is socially distancing. She’s even offering a vegan option and she’s willing to bring extra plates for roommates or significant others!

One of Pearce’s students,Lean Blask, was so overwhelmed by the gesture, she shared it on Twitter. “My professor is absolutely too pure for this world,” she writes in thepost. So far, three students have taken Pearce up on the offer.

Source:Sunny Skyz

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