Cops get Mom a Car

Christmas came early for a mom in Kansas who had been walking 12 miles to work every day. Deputies in Ottawa, Kansas got several calls about a woman walking along the highway in the freezing cold and that’s when they met 24-year-oldChristine Wheeler.They gave her a ride to work and learned her story, then decided to help her out.

Wheeler had been walking six miles to work at Love’s truck stop, then working her shift and trekking six more miles to get back home. She told the Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies it’s what she had to do so she could feed her two young children and that she was motivated to take care of her family.

They were moved by her dedication and found a way to give her a hand. A group of deputies, some local businesses and generous citizens pitched in to donate a van, two new car seats, the registration fee for the vehicle and the first year of car insurance, plus $200 cash to the mom. Thanks to their act of kindness, Wheeler and her children had a better Christmas and she won’t have to hoof it to work anymore.

Source:Sunny Skyz

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