Teacher gets a new car for being kind

Werecently told you aboutRenee Dixon, the preschool director who took a second job as a driver for Uber and Lyft so she could make money to buy Christmas gifts for each of her students. The Indianapolis woman says she’s happy to pull double duty because “every child needs a merry Christmas.” And now she’s been given a gift of her own - a brand new car.

After news of her story spread, Dixon got a call from Andy Mohr Nissan and the dealership wanted to give her a vehicle. They heard that she’d always wanted a Nissan Armada and made that wish come true for her. Dixon was shocked by the generosity and she’s thankful to have an eight-seat vehicle that can fit both her children and grandchildren.

After a tough year, this gift came at the perfect time to lift her spirits. “I needed that little spark that there’s people out there that still care,” she says. “That lets you know that everything is going to be alright.”


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