"Polar Bears" hug their grandkids

Like a lot of us,BarbaraandClive Walshawwere missing in-person visits with their loved ones. They hadn’t been able to hug their grandchildren since March, but finally got the chance, thanks to a clever idea. The couple in the U.K. had been self-isolating and were planning to spend Christmas “together” with the family on Zoom, but then Barbara spotted some inflatable polar bear costumes while shopping online.

The grandmother realized the oversized costumes could allow them to safely hug their three grandchildren and bought them. The couple surprised the kids on Christmas after their son,Neil, told them there was a rumor that there were polar bear sightings nearby. They walked outside and found their grandma and grandpa wearing the adorable six-foot costumes and got that long-awaited loving embrace.

Barbara says it was the best money “she’d ever spent” and that the heartwarming hug was “the best six minutes” they had all year. “The costumes worked really well. Totally enclosed,” she explains. “It was the best idea I’ve ever had I think.”

Source:Good News Network

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