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Good Pizza is not your typical pizza joint, but founderBen Bermanhopes it spreads joy during the pandemic. Back in March, the grad student started cooking up free pies in his one-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia and he hasn’t stopped yet. He spends days making dough and sauce, then those who are lucky enough to win his pizza “lottery” can come and get it, as the pizza is lowered down to them via a pulley system from his second-story window.

"I realized I could make people smile by dropping slices of pizza out my window, and that was really the original idea," Berman explains. The pizza is free and in return, he asks for charitable donations. People are into the idea, so far, he’s made more than 500 pies and raised $30-thousand for groups that fight homelessness and hunger.

“Donations that have come in through people from all over the world, people without any expectation of ever trying pizza," Berman says. "Anyone that donates to us, 100% of what they give is being given away.”

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Source:CBS News

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