Dad diets to save his son

Most parents would do anything to keep their kids healthy, includingSean Kelley, who says losing 40 pounds and donating part of his liver to save his infant son’s life was a “no-brainer.” He and his wife,Josie, have seven kids and three of them have a genetic disorder called Alagille syndrome, which affects multiple organs in the body. For one-year-oldSawyer, it required him to get an immediate liver transplant.

The family worked with the pediatric transplantation team at UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to try to find a donor, but the dad also realized he might be able to help. But in order to be tested to be a donor, he had to lower his body mass index first. Kelley worked on his diet and exercised as much as possible and says his motivation was that he could be a perfect match for his son.

After shedding the 40 pounds, he was tested and was a match for Sawyer. They had a successful transplant and both father and son recovered smoothly. Doctors say they believe Sawyer will be much healthier now and Kelley says it was “an incredible thing” to have the opportunity to help with that.

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Source:Good Morning America

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