Adopt a Grandma

A small business owner in Charlotte, North Carolina, has found a way to lift the spirits of nursing home residents who are lonely during the pandemic.Tiffany Donovanowns Confetti Castle, which does event styling and balloon installations, and she has expanded with her new “Adopt a Grandparent” program.

For $25, people can have a bouquet of balloons delivered to a local nursing home to “send them a smile.” Donovan’s business is all about delivering happiness and her new offering fits right in. And people seem to be loving it, she’s received orders for more than 400 “adoptions” in the first three days. The price is at-cost and just covers supplies, so she isn’t making money off this. She actually just wants to remind nursing home residents that they are loved, even if they can’t come see them in person.

“I would only imagine that it would make them so happy to know they’re not forgotten,” Donovan says.

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