8 Year Old does good things and helps celebrate with Tom Hanks!

Morgan Marsh McGlone wanted to help families struggling with food insecurity during the pandemic, so she started a virtual lemonade stand. The eight-year-old from Madison, Wisconsin, offered drink coupons in exchange for donations she gave to a local food charity that lets people pay what they can.

Her goal was to raise $90, but Morgan ended up bringing in $53-thousand for her cause. The second-grader says it’s “pretty exciting,” but the real excitement came later. Her fundraiser caught the attention of Biden’s inaugural team, who asked her to be a part of the events.

“First, I asked mom what was an inauguration,” Morgan says. “Because I never heard of that before.” She now knows because they invited her to deliver a virtual speech last night as part of a program about “everyday Americans” called “Celebrating America.” It was hosted byTom Hanksand even though the little girl had no idea who he was, she said it was “cool.”

Source:CBS News

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