Grocery hack

Ok...I'm a little angry I'm not getting credit for this one. I've been doing this for years! Aldi's pros know:) ~Karla

TikToker Has A Unique Grocery Shopping Hack- If you hate lugging bags of groceries into the house after shopping, there may be an answer on TikTok for you.

TikToker @1980sgamer is an Aldi shopper, but this translates anywhere. Instead of getting his stuff bagged, he has it put in the cart loose and then heads to the car. Waiting for him in the cargo area are two laundry baskets. That’s where he puts the groceries.

Instead of wasting bags or having to take them all in, you only have to take the laundry baskets in. It’s kind of genius!

This is the best grocery shopping hack yet! It just keeps getting better.#aldishopping#bagless#laundrybasket#plasticbags
♬ original sound - 1980s Gamer


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