Local Good News goes nationwide

After a little girl was expelled from her school, her community came together to show her she’s still welcome there.Delanie Sheltonsays her eight-year-old daughter,Chloe, was kicked out of Rejoice Christian School in Owasso, Oklahoma, after telling a female friend she has a crush on her.

Shelton says the child was in tears after being pulled from the playground and sent to the principal’s office and later asked if God still loves her. When neighborNoelle Shawheard about it, she said, “It was very easy for me to realize I needed to do something.” So she organized a drive-by parade with hundreds of cars and people holding signs with empowering and encouraging messages and it’s had a positive impact on Chloe.

“She feels so much love and support surrounding her,” Shelton says about her daughter. “You all have made her feel so much better about herself and so loved.”


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