Boy finds a home...Finally

A nine-year-old boy who spent more than seven years in different foster care homes now has his forever home.ElijahMayswas moved around to different foster placements before he came to live withMandiandJon Maysin Oklahoma City as a toddler in 2016.

At first, he had some behavioral issues, but the stability the family provided was just what he needed and he had a positive turnaround. By the time he was in first grade, he became a straight-A student and began to thrive. After 2,710 days in foster care, Elijah was adopted by the family last month and he joins another adopted brother, seven-year-oldJudah, as well as the Mays’ biological kids,Harper, 16 andDalton, 13.

“They were the perfect family for him,” explainsMichael Danielson, the permanency planning supervisor for the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma who dealt with Elijah’s case. “It’s one of those rare, dream-come-true homes.”

Source:Good Morning America

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