Romantic Movie Moments you need to see

Real life romance is rarely like the movies, but that’s not stopping Americans from wanting a little of that Rom-Com magic in their lives. 

A new survey finds:

  • 70% of folks admit they’d love to have one “movie magic” kiss in their lifetime.
  • When it comes to magical romantic moments, the average person has had about seven, although 14% of people have had only two.
  • But some folks are luckier, with 22% of people saying they’ve had over 10 romantic moments they would describe as magical.

Of course some romantic movie moments are more magical than others.

  • When asked to name the most romantic movie moment, 36% of respondents named the kiss in the rain during “The Notebook,” followed by:
  • "I'm flying" moment from “Titanic” (34%)
  • Mr. Darcy's second proposal in “Pride and Prejudice” (33%)
  • The upside-down kiss from “Spider-Man” (32%)
  • The car scene from “Titanic” (31%)
  • The "to me you are perfect" scene from “Love Actually” (29%)
  • The lift from “Dirty Dancing” (23%)
  • The New Year's Eve monologue from “When Harry Met Sally” (22%)
  • The Ikea date in “(500) Days of Summer” (20%)
  • The Empire State scene from “Sleepless in Seattle) (19%)
  • The pottery scene from “Ghost” (18%)
  • The boombox serenade from “Say Anything” (18%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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