GOOD NEWS: Supermarket Gives Away Groceries After Power Outage

People in Texas have been dealing with power outages during the recent winter storms, but what happens when the power goes out while you’re grocery shopping? Lucky shoppers who were at the H-E-B Plus in Leander last week got to take the food in their baskets and leave without paying.

Shelby Lasker had been in line at the Austin-area supermarket for about 30 minutes and was 10 people away from checking out when the store went dark. Without power, the payment terminals were no good, but H-E-B staff didn’t let their customers leave empty-handed.

“You just heard people at registers say, ‘Go ahead,’” Lasker explains, adding that she saw about 20 to 30 people “leave with baskets of groceries, no bags.” She says this generosity was another example of “just how amazing H-E-B has been through the pandemic.”

Source:USA Today

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