What your PB says about you!

Most Americans love peanut butter, but what type of peanut butter they choose to spread on their sandwich is another story. And it seems whether a person loves creamy or crunchy could tell you a lot about their personality.

A new survey by JIF finds:

  • A third of respondents would say they are “extremely” passionate about their peanut butter preference.
  • 63% would rather not have peanut butter at all if it wasn’t the type they like.
  • Close to half of people would not date someone who didn’t have the same peanut butter preference as them.
  • And apparently a person’s peanut butter preference can reveal a lot about them.
  • For example, 63% of crunchy peanut butter fans say they are optimists, as compared to 56% of creamy fans.
    • Creamy fans also tend to be early birds (35%), and more introverted (33%).
    • Crunchy fans are likely to be night owls (46%) and extroverts (25%).

And it seems folks can be mean when it comes to peanut butter choices.

  • 47% of creamy peanut butter fans say they were teased for it during their childhood, as compared to only 28% of crunchy fans.
  • 50% of creamy fans say they were judged for their preference, while only 32% of crunchy fans say the same.
  • What’s more, 68% of creamy fans said they felt pressure to like crunchy just to fit it, something that only happened to 50% of crunchy fans. 

Source:SWNS Digital

And in case you need a hand making a PB&J, follow the EXACT instructions below:) ~Karla

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