Zoom Class leads to lots of help and love

A little girl in New Jersey revealed to her third grade class that her family is struggling and it’s led to them getting the help they need. She broke down in class and started sobbing and when her teacher asked what was wrong, the student shared that she was starving. It turns out, her mom lost her job and the family had no food.

A social worker from her Monmouth County school determined the family was in need and delivered groceries and toiletries for the three kids and their mother. And since the story has gone public, donations have been pouring in for the family. They’ve received six months worth of groceries, clothing, and a car, plus, the mom, an unemployed restaurant worker, has gotten a new job washing dishes and has other job offers to explore.

“The outpouring of support for this one child has been fabulous,” saysKim Guadagno,the former Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey who is now president and CEO ofFulfill, formerly known as The FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties.


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