GOOD NEWS: College Student Helps Coloradans Get Vaccinated

After his relatives in Colorado were struggling to secure a COVID vaccine appointment, a 20-year-old college student found a high-tech way to help. David Witten studies computer programming at Stanford University and put his skills to work to create a Twitter account designed to connect people to vaccine resources.

Witten has family who are 65+ in the Denver area who told him they were having a hard time signing up for an appointment. So he started @COVaxAlerts, which posts appointment openings every minute of the day, so followers will know when a slot opens as soon as it becomes available.

“Rather than waiting on a website for one slot to open and everyone racing to sign up, it comes directly to them,” Witten explains. “They don’t have to wait around on a website.” He says he’s continually updating and adding new clinics and in the future, he may try doing this in other states as well, but for now, he’s focused on making it work for Colorado.

Source:CBS Denver

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