Vacant Lot becomes a skating rink

WhenKaytea Moreno-Elstsaw an abandoned lot in Detroit, she envisioned a better use for the space. So she bought the lot and has turned it into an ice skating rink for the neighborhood kids to use.

To make her dream a reality, the community has pitched in. The Detroit Fire Department has donated water and filled the rink to make ice and other locals have donated ice skates in every size for the kids to use, and they even gave adult sizes as well, in case parents want to lace up and go for a skate, too. Others have donated hockey equipment and walkers to help new skaters get used to the ice.

Moreno-Elst says there are kids out there enjoying the ice rink every day and that “this is their recess and this is their after school program.” She adds that the kids can “just show up with the excitement of getting on.”

Source:USA Today

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