What your Cup of Joe says about you

When it comes to coffee, most folks are pretty particular about how they take it, and apparently, whether you like your coffee hot, or prefer it over ice may say a lot about your personality.

A new survey finds:

  • Hot coffee drinkers are most likely to be:
    • Boomers, with 94% of those over 56 preferring their coffee hot.
    • They are also more likely to be extroverts (40%), who prefer overcast weather (36%).
    • 49% have either a fire or earth zodiac sign.
    • Their favorite TV shows include “Schitt’s Creek” (36%) and “Friends” (32%)
    • And their favorite music is eitherTaylor Swift(24%) orKane Brown(21%).
  • Conversely, iced coffee and cold brew drinkers tend to be younger.
    • 40% of Gen Z say prefer their coffee cold.
    • 57% are either a water or air zodiac sign.
    • They are also more likely to enjoy sunny weather (40%).
    • As for TV shows, their favorites include “Unsolved Mysteries” (37%) and "Friends" (34%)
    • And their favorite music comes fromMegan Thee Stallion(22%) and Kane Brown (20%)

But regardless of how they drink it, most coffee drinkers agree that they can’t live without it.

  • In fact, many would give up a lot of things before they’d give up their favorite cup of Joe, including:
    • Social Media (22%)
    • TV (18%)
    • Alcohol (16%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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