11 year old is honored by firefighters

A little boy in Cortland, New York, is being called a hero for a simple task he did that helped firefighters on the job.Blayke Austen-Hinessays he’s been shoveling fire hydrants out of the snow and ice since he could first pick up a shovel and his efforts paid off during a recent fire.

A team of 30 firefighters was battling a blaze that became intense very quickly because of high winds, according to Cortland Fire Department ChiefWayne Friedman. And when they needed access to that hydrant, 11-year-old Blayke had already cleared it and had it ready for them.

The chief explains that if they didn’t have access to that hydrant, they would’ve had to find another or waste time shoveling and chipping away the ice, which would’ve delayed the process of getting water and could have led to bigger problems. Now Blayke is happy he was able to help save people and houses from burning down and the Cortland Fire Department and other agencies have honored him for his heroic actions.


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