Couple Reunited after 12 Months

An Alabama couple has been reunited after not being able to visit in person because of the pandemic.Dr. John Klinehas been spending 15 minutes a day at the window of his wife’s nursing home for the last 12 months, just so he could see her through the screen.

Ann Klinehas Alzheimer’s disease and lives at a nursing home in Montgomery, which didn’t allow visits because of COVID restrictions. But with falling case numbers and all residents fully vaccinated, they’ve been able to relax the rules. Now John has been able to visit his wife of 40 years face-to-face three times in less than a week.

When he would come to Ann’s window, Kline would sing her favorite songs, like “Amazing Grace,” but he says being able to be close to her again “is so much better.” He feels she recognizes him at times and on one recent visit she proved it by telling him, “I love you, John.”

Source:WAGM TV

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