GOOD NEWS: Cheerleader Saves Man Having Seizure At Applebee's

A young woman having lunch with her mom at an Applebee’s in Nebraska became a hero by saving a man’s life in the restaurant. Kaela Meyer, a cheerleader and senior at the University of Nebraska, rushed into action when the stranger fell to the floor while having a seizure.

Meyer says the man was turning blue and wasn’t breathing, so she started performing CPR on him. It was the first time she had used her CPR skills since she learned them in training, but she knew what to do.

While the cheerleader hopes she never has to “use CPR in a real-life situation again,” medics were thankful she knew what to do in the emergency. “They said if I didn’t act in time, they don’t know if they would have made it in time,” Meyer recalls. “I’m so glad that I went for it. I didn’t hesitate.”

Source:Fox News

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