GOOD NEWS: Teen Becomes Youngest American To Earn Doctorate

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A Montana teen has just become the youngest American in history to earn her doctorate degree. Kimberly Strable is only 17, but she has successfully presented her dissertation defense virtually and was awarded her Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Global Leadership from California Intercontinental University.

The new Dr. Strable explains, "I'm the third youngest in world history to ever get a doctorate in any subject, the youngest in all world history to ever get a doctorate in business and the youngest in American history to get a doctorate in any field.”

Being an overachiever runs in her family - her sister graduated with her master’s degree a few days after turning 18 and her younger siblings also want to pursue getting their degrees early. And Strable’s education is already paying off, she’s working on some legal battles over discrimination she faced because of her age and after that, she plans to get into executive management.


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