GOOD NEWS: Supermarket Worker Rescues Baby In Runaway Shopping Cart

A grocery store employee in Illinois became a hero by saving a baby in a runaway shopping cart. BenMazur is a courtesy clerk at Schnucks supermarket in Alton and he was hard at work wrangling carts when he heard a car horn “repeatedly and frantically honking.” It turns out, the driver was alerting him the cart rolling away quickly with a baby strapped inside.

Mazur took off, sprinting across the parking lot to save the infant. Because he bolted, he was able to stop the shopping cart before it slammed into a stop sign. The baby’s mother didn’t even realize what was happening because she was putting her other kids in the car when the cart took off.

Tom Moore, the store’s co-manager, explains their parking lot is slanted and carts can get rolling fast. “Quick thinking on Ben’s part saved the baby,” he says, congratulating him on being “a hero.” A spokesperson for Schnucks says the company is very proud of Ben, adding, “One of Schnucks' core values is to 'execute to win,' and without hesitation, that is exactly what Ben did to save the baby.”

Source:Fox 2 Now

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