UNICORN day is here!

April 9this National Unicorn Day!A unicorn is a mythological animal that resembles a horse with a single horn. In recent years, unicorns have surged in popularity due in part to their association with rainbows, magic, and overall positivity.

Early accounts referencing the mythical creature can be traced back to Greek literature from 400 BC and early Mesopotamian artwork. In these early depictions, unicorns are believed to have represented innocence and strength. Did you know that the name of the unicorn horn itself is called an “alicorn”?

During the medieval period people would sell narwhal horns marketed as unicorn horns for profit, but how can you celebrate now? Celebrate this mythical animal by emulating all the things unicorns represent – joy, happiness, and being unique!

And to help you celebrate...below is one of my favorites..."My Llama Unicorn!". Everybody dance!!!~Karla

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