Free Cookies for Moms

Werecently told youthat Atlanta Girl Scouts were sitting on 700-thousand boxes of unsold cookies, but we’re happy to report something good is being done with some of them. Cookie sales were down this year, which left troops with about $3-million in leftover cookie inventory, but leaders in Georgia’s DeKalb County came up with a plan to donate some of them.

The county has purchased 20-thousand boxes of cookies and will be giving them to families in need. Since the beginning of the pandemic, DeKalb County has been providing fresh fruit and vegetables to families struggling with food insecurity. They’re now preparing their Mother’s Day food distribution boxes and the sweets will be included with those.

“It’s a great idea to help the Girl Scouts and at the same time, support and provide a treat for those fighting to keep food on the table,” explains DeKalb County CEOMichael Thurmond.


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