GOOD NEWS: Daughter Beats Cancer To Climb Mount Everest With Mom

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done with your mom? You probably haven’t climbed to the world’s highest peak together, but that’s what one mom and daughter from Oklahoma are hoping to accomplish. Valari and Jess Wedel hope to become the first American mother-daughter team to reach the top of Mount Everest.

They’re both experienced climbers and they began their trek weeks ago. Everest is the ultimate test for climbers and it’s a challenge for Valari, who’s 61 and has asthma. And Jess has endured multiple surgeries and months of chemo to beat ovarian cancer in recent years. She says, “It feels like part of our healing was coming into the mountains and being able to enjoy each other and have fun and just live life.”

This ultimate adventure they’re doing together isn’t only about getting to the summit. “The possibility exists that we can get there and that would be amazing,” Jess says. “But if we’re not enjoying every single moment along the way, then we’ve missed the point almost.”

Source:CBS News

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