Bigfoot Hunt for $3 Million

You could earn a cool $3 million, but things might get hairy. OklahomaState Representative Justin Humphreytook the floor of the Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday to announce an official bounty onBigfootin the state. Humphrey says an unnamed man in the state has partnered with him to offer the $3 million bounty for anyone who can capture a live, unharmed Bigfoot.

Okay, no one said it was going to beeasymoney. He emphasized that this was not a hunt, as the goal is to capture a Bigfoot alive and unharmed, which is a change from earlier this year when Representative Humphrey tried to get House Bill 1648 passed in the state to establish an annual “Bigfoot season,” complete with annual dates and a licensing and fee system.

Why the change? Humphrey said Wednesday that he tried to pass the bill in January to raise awareness of the Bigfoot Festival in Honobia, Oklahoma on October 1 and 2 every year, so this entire thing seems to be just a move to boost tourism. A local television station has announced they’ll be airing a series documenting the efforts of anyone trying to claim the bounty, so you never know; this could be the opportunity someone’s been waiting their entire life for. Not Bigfoot, of course, but a bounty hunter may become a millionaire before it’s over.


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