Doggy on Ice:)

A dog that was found wandering through the Arctic for more than a week has been rescued by sailors. The crew of a Russian icebreaker ship came across the dog, a white Samoyed, deep in the ice fields near a village in northern Russia, according to local media.

The captain of the ship says the pooch approached the side of the ship as it navigated the freezing landscape and video footage shows her wagging her tail and walking on the ice. The crew put down a ladder and the dog reportedly climbed aboard on her own. Sailors were able to contact locals and brought the dog to the nearby village.

They were able to find the pup’s owners and it turns out, her name is Aika and she ran away during a walk. Aika’s owners have no idea how she got there, but they say she probably wouldn’t have survived without the crew’s intervention.


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