Teen returns storage items

What started out as a way to make some cash has turned into a good deed for one Rhode Island teen.Shane Jonesbegan buying repossessed storage units, but soon realized he shouldn’t profit from the items inside and decided to try to return the stuff to the former owners and their families.

The 16-year-old says he started thinking that bidding on a storage auction was like a yard sale, but soon realized that’s not true. The storage units go to auction when renters stop paying, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want their belongings. “These people didn’t choose to give me this stuff,” Shane says. “They didn’t have a choice. It’s almost like a duty to give it back.”

Since he started the project last summer, he’s helped reunite three families with the contents inside their former storage units. With help from his parents, he’s been able to track down the former owners or their families, who have all been incredibly grateful to have the keepsakes back. “Kindness inspires kindness,” says Shane’s mom,Sarah Markey. “I think that part of what he has learned by meeting people who he gifted with this kindness is that putting good into the world is one of the most gratifying things that he can do.”


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