Cab Driver helps elderly

For the last 15 years, a Checker Cabs driver in Canada has spent his weekends doing acts of kindness for the elderly in his community.Iqbal Alimohdand his family spend every Saturday buying and delivering groceries to seniors in need.

It started with just a few and now they’re making sure 20-25 people a week have the food they need. Iqbal’s wife,Mumtaz, takes phone orders during the week and keeps track of them in a spreadsheet that he uses Saturday morning to hit the supermarket. Their sons also started helping with deliveries during the pandemic, when demand grew for their services.

But it doesn’t stop with groceries. Iqbal also spends time socializing with the seniors, driving them to appointments and helping them in any way he can. “I think the rest of it is so much more impactful,” his son,Yasinsays. “He becomes part of their family.”

Source:Sunny Skyz

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