Drivers saves a life!

A Kansas man saved the life of a driver who cut him off in traffic and was unconscious behind the wheel.Mark Stumpwas driving a box truck in Wichita when the driver seemed to lose control of his SUV. After seeing that he was slumped over and something appeared to be wrong, Stump got out of his truck to help.

He ran toward the SUV, reaching through its open window to steer it safely away from oncoming traffic. Stump says the driver was gray in color and he beat on his chest to try to wake him up. He was clinging to the side of the SUV, riding on the running boards for about 100 feet before the driver finally woke up and the SUV came to a stop.

The driver was alarmed and confused at what was happening and told Stump, “You need to get away from me, I have COVID.” He then drove away from the scene. But Stump says he believes in fate and that God “needed him to be there” to help. He had taken an alternate route that day that put him in the right place at the right time and says “God was guiding me in that direction.”


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