Sea plushies for his bday!

A single mom is expressing her gratitude for the “overwhelming love and support” she’s gotten from strangers on the Internet. In a post on Reddit’s “poverty finance” section, she shares that her son wanted a stuffed manta ray for his fifth birthday, but she didn’t have money to buy one. So she made one herself out of one of his old baby blankets.

Her post received thousands of supportive comments and people were quick to compliment her handmade creation. But even better? Kind strangers asking if they could send her son sea animal plushies as well. A few days later, the mom posted a follow-up photo, showing her little boy surrounded by dozens of sea creature stuffed animals he’d received.

“Thank you for making a mom who has been fighting like hell for her kids and is exhausted and defeated feel loved,” she writes. “You guys are amazing. Y'all have lifted my spirits tonight and I cannot overstate how thankful I am for that.”


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