A wedding gets even better:)

Dontez Williamswas all set to marry his bride,Myshella Burton,but he had one thing to do first. The groom had been in her daughters’ lives for seven years, but he wanted to do more than become their stepfather. So he had a special proposal for nine-year-oldAbigailand eight-year-oldNatalie.

Minutes before the Michigan couple said “I do,” the groom asked the girls if they’d accept his proposal to become their legal father. He first met them when they were just babies and had been thinking about how he could make the wedding day special for them when he came up with the idea of proposing adoption after realizing he was “kind of like the only father-figure they ever really had.”

Williams kept his plan a secret from the family and even his bride was surprised by the offer, but happy tears were flowing all around. “Myshella was really shocked and just thankful for me stepping up,” he says. “She was really happy that I feel that way for them and said she’s grateful to have me in their lives.”

Source:Fox News

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