Farmer rescues flood victim

A man from Maine was on his way to Georgia when he made a pit stop in New Jersey and got stuck in severe flooding.Richard Peekstopped in Hunterdon County to visit his friend,Wesley Pandy, and deliver a banjo he made him, but he got stranded in his truck in the rising waters from Hurricane Ida.

Peek was live-streaming the situation and he appeared really calm on camera, but he says that was so he didn’t worry his wife, who was watching on his YouTube channel. He called his buddy for help and just about the time the water was so deep that he was going to have to get on the truck’s roof, Pandy the farmer showed up with a tractor to rescue him.

“It’s good to have friends in high places,” Peek jokes. Now he says he owes Pandy his life, but the farmer says, “You made me a banjo. That’s priceless.”

Source:ABC 7 NY

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