Explorers find lost dog

A group of cave explorers were on a recent expedition when they discovered something unexpected - a dog. They were checking out Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Indiana when they saw movement in the pit. And when they looked down at the bottom of a 30-foot drop, they found a black and white dog.

The cavers rappelled down and were able to lift the thin pup out of the cave and take him to the veterinarian. A spokesman for the Harrison County Animal Shelter says the dog was malnourished and based on his condition, they think he may have been in the cave for up to two weeks. The cave explorers also found an empty turtle shell at the bottom of the cave, which may have collected rain water and kept him alive.

Thanks to the cave crew, the dog is on the road to recovery and is now back home with his grateful family.

Source:Sunny Skyz

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