Little girl raises money for Halloween

A young girl in Florida is working hard to raise money to help those less fortunate in her community.Brinkley Minterrecently asked her parents if kids who are homeless are still able to trick-or-treat and her mom explained that some families aren’t able to afford costumes. So the six-year-old decided to do something about that.

Since Halloween is Brinkley’s favorite holiday, she doesn’t want any kids to miss out on it. She came up with a way to raise money to buy costumes for children living in a local shelter. The pint-sized artist has been creating paintings, mostly with a Halloween theme, and selling them to bring in money to provide Halloween costumes to kids at Jacksonville’s Sulzbacher Center homeless shelter.

Brinkley’s goal was to raise enough to buy 16 costumes, but she blew past that in two days. So far, she’s raised over $29-hundred and she’s not finished yet.

“During these stressful times, it is inspiring to see a young child focusing their energy on making a difference,” saysCindy Funkhouser, President and CEO of the Sulzbacher Center. “Such advocacy in one o

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