Lemonade stand helps a library

A little girl in Utah loves reading and has been hard at work to bring diversity to her school library’s collection.Emi Kim, a fourth-grader at Westridge Elementary School in Provo, is Hawaiian, Polynesian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese, and noticed not many books in the library featured characters with her cultural background.

The nine-year-old wanted to change that, so she came up with a plan and took it to her school principal,Kim Hawkins. “She had a powerpoint and talked to me about how Caucasian characters and animals were the most represented in books, and how she really wanted to do something about that,” she explains.

Hawkins was on board and Emi launched a lemonade and baked goods stand to raise money to purchase diverse books. She made enough to buy 15 books for her school and 60 more books for four other schools. The school is calling the collection of titles she chose “Emi’s Books.” And she’s already planning another fundraiser, this time to buy the school books about kids of all abilities.

“I hope all kids are inspired to be able to make positive changes,” Emi says.

Source:Fox 13 Now

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