Free Groceries for those in need

There’s a new grocery store in Vancouver, British Columbia. But this grocery is a little different from most other stores. At Rescued Food Market you can decide how much or whether you want to pay for your grocery haul. Started by The Food Stash Foundation, the store is stocked with surplus foods donated from other area grocers that were destined for the trash because they were overstocked or approaching the best before date. The items in the store are a small fraction of the millions of tons of food that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.

Since 2016, The Food Stash Foundation has been running a food box program that delivers surplus produce to families in need, but as demand forthatservice grew, they came up with the store as a way to reach more people. "This gives you the autonomy to choose what you want, make your own bag, have as little or as much as you like,” saysAnna Gray, communications coordinator with the foundation. “There's no discussion about payment.”

The Rescued Food Market also has a community fridge, which sits in front of the building and provides free food any time of day or night.


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